Friday 30 October 2015

Play Leaders Gets off to Great Start

The purpose of the Play Leaders program is to encourage students to become more physically active and for older students to gain leadership skills through peer-led fun active games at recess.  The program also creates leadership opportunities for students in grades 4 to 8 as they learn about:
·        Conflict resolution,
·        Communication,
·        Respect,
·        Fairness,
·        Safety,
·        Good sportsmanship and
·        Leadership. 

Play leaders are trained at our school by our Child and Youth Worker, Mrs. Knopman and our teaching staff, Mme Stewart and Mr. Flash.

We held our first sessions this week at first recess.  The students in grades 1 to 3 who participated in the program were active, engaged, and were great listeners.  Our play leaders were showing strong leadership skills  such as applying fair rules to the games, making sure all students were involved and ensuring the students were having fun.